"My Dad absolutely loved having his profile on the Good Guy website. He really appreciated hearing how much he means to me in more than just the everyday "Thank you." Not to mention that the certificate is proudly posed on the mantel! My sister likes to add comments to show her appreciation also. I loved doing this for my dad because there aren't many ways to show your appreciation for those who make a difference. But I can tell by how his face lit up that he really appreciated it."

- Kate Simko

"I think the Good Guy awards are just a fantastic way to recognize everyday efforts that just seem to get lost in the super-sensitized, media overload we are continually bludgeoned with. Besides, mine reminded me of what's important in my life"

- Bill Reeves
"When I received my Good Guy award I was enlightened. I had no idea what an impact I could make on an individual's life. Just reading the testimonial made this gift priceless. It will be an award that I will keep forever. Thanks, Good Guys"

- Victor Sofia

"The Good Guy Award is such a wonderful idea. In such a hectic world it is nice to know that my wife took the time to tell me how much she appreciates me. It made my week and it's amazing how something so simple can make you feel so great! Thanks honey!!"

- David Leon
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