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As a new visitor to our website, we warmly welcome you to our Good Guy Award product and service company.

Men all over are recognized for being "Good Guys" for acting above and beyond the norm. These men have demonstrated a positive influence, acted completely selfless, shown great community spirit or exceptional loyalty without expecting repayment or gratitude.

In very limited athletic, political and club circles, awards for Good Guys have been presented in recent years. But we were in search of a worldwide system that would give honor and recognition appropriate for any exceptional fellow, regardless of his occupational, social, ethnic, political or religious affiliations. And we wanted to help people recognize all sorts of good deeds and selfless acts.

So often, a smile, handshake, pat on the back, or a "thank you" just aren't enough. For those occasions we recommend our products and services that have been carefully developed to serve your special need.

Our one of a kind Good Guy Award program has been created to help you properly recognize someone you truly consider to be a Good Guy, in a unique and creative way. Your Good Guy will receive recognition on our website through his photo and bio, which consists of your thoughts and comments. Others can even add to the bio through online feedback.

If you know someone who you want to recognize as a Good Guy, or just say thank you to someone, make him a part of our Good Guy Award program today!

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